Want one of our Apartments?

To apply for one of our units, you, and everyone over 18 who will live in the unit, must fill out an application. You can get an application link from the rental agent that showed you the apartment. There is a $50 per applicant credit check fee, and a non-refundable $250 per person move-in fee.  We work on a first come-first served basis. Once we have a completed application with the associated fees, no one else will be shown the unit, and we will not accept applications from anyone else.

If you are not approved for the apartment, we will refund the move-in fee. You will lose your move-in fee if you withdraw your application before we are done processing it, or if you are approved and do not sign a lease.

It takes 3-5 business days for us to process the applications once all of the requested information is received. Employment verification and Landlord verification generally take the longest.

After your lease is signed, we will arrange a key pickup date with you. If it is possible to get you into your new home early we will do our best to make it happen. When you pick up your keys, you will have to bring in your first month’s rent.

Need to move?

If you need to move before your lease is up, you have a few options:

Lease Buy Out: With a buy out, there is a flat fee to buy out your lease, which will release you from all of the obligations of the lease (except for any damage that may have been caused to the unit). Not all of our properties are eligible for a lease buy out.

With the three options below, all new tenants must be approved by our office.

Sublet: There is no fee to sublet your apartment. To sublet, you will need to notify the office with the form below. You are responsible for advertising the unit for rent, showing the property, and having the new prospective tenant fill out one of our applications, with the associated application fees. With a sublet, you are not released from any of the obligations of your lease. You become the subleasee’s landlord. If your subleasee does not pay rent, you will still be held responsible for the rent. When the subleasee moves out of the apartment, you will be refunded your security deposit( if applicable), minus any damages. Download a Sublet form here.

Relet: To relet your apartment, you will need to fill out the form below and deliver it to our office. There is a fee of 1 month’s rent to relet. When you relet your apartment, we will handle advertising and showing your apartment. Once a new tenant is found, and all new lease documents are signed, you will be released from you obligations under your original lease. Download a Relet form here.

Modified Relet: With a modified relet, you are responsible for advertising and showing your unit. Once a new tenant is found and approved, you will be released from your lease obligations. The fee for a modified relet is ¼ month’s rent. Download a Modified Relet form here.